How to request for a quotation and how long will I get a response?

To obtain a quotation, complete the form provided by clicking here or contact us directly at +62 812 19659498 or +62 895 06283391

A response is given during business hours at the same business day on which the request for quotation is submitted. We highly value your time, so the response to your inquiry will be provided as timely as possible

What languages are available in your services?

Our services are available in Indonesian, English, Dutch, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Korean. Contact us for further information.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of my proprietary documents/information?

We maintain the confidentiality of your documents/information at all times. You may send us a non-disclosure agreement, if required.

Can I seek clarification if necessary after receiving the translation of my documents?

Upon your review, you may consult with us for any clarification within three (3) days of receipt of the translation. The consultation is conducted via email and intended to address any mistranslation. 

Delivery Dates and Turnaround Time

How long is the translation process?

The translation process/delivery time/turnover is very much dependent on the complex nature of the text. The estimated delivery time will be stated in the quotation.

For urgent needs, let us know your expected turnover and we will consider whether the proposed delivery time is achievable.


How do I pay?

An electronic invoice will be sent to you and the payment shall be made in full no later than 10 days of the invoice date.