Why Choose Us

You are Our Top Priority

Every client has unique requirements. The way we handle each project differs from one another, depending on the requirements. In order to meet your requirements, we:

  1. ensure good judgment in estimating the delivery time of the required translation or considering your proposed delivery date;
  2. assign the most suitable translator or team of translators and editor(s) to work on the translation of your documents or the interpreter(s) with the most relevant background experience;
  3. use the appropriate and generally accepted terminologies, for example the applicable legal terms for legal translation/interpreting services;
  4. ensure the translation is free from typographical errors and other technical issues resulted from the use of computer hardware/software;
  5. ensure timely delivery of our services;
  6. maintain the confidentiality of your documents and the translation or any proprietary information distributed during your conference/meeting/seminar; and
  7. provide consultation upon your review of translation if you need further clarification within 3 (three) days of the receipt of the translation. 

We are Precise

We have established the values that best represent us as follows:

  • Professional Our team of translators and interpreters consists of highly experienced, skilled, and well-trained interpreters with vast knowledge in various fields.
  • Reliable - We render services in the highest level of quality standard and, of course, in timely manner. 
  • Effective - We have the technical know-how required to ensure satisfactory deliverables.
  • Competent - Our translators/interpreters are sworn translaotrs and certified translators/interpreters.
  • Industry-specific Expertise - Our highly-dedicated translators/interpreters have various specialties in translating legal documents, oil and gas, banking, capital market, etc.
  • Sincere - We are honest in what we do, what we can do, and what we will do.
  • Efficient - We provide services with high value for money

We maintain mutual business relationship with our loyal clients not because we offer the lowest possible price, but they receive high value for their money invested in obtaining high quality translation and interpreting services.